1 Early Life aka things you probably don’t need to know.
Born in Copenhagen, Denmark to a diplomatic family, Emilie grew up all over the world. Moving every 4 years meant constantly having to adapt and encouraged her to be accepting and outgoing. Her love of performing mirrored this, and from age four she would often tour the street in front of her house with her toy electric guitar and mic stand. Audience not necessary.
This could be interesting to some

After graduating, Emilie knew she had to pursue her ever-growing appetite for acting. She made the choice to leave her native Denmark to move to Vancouver, Canada. No ‘plan-b’. To many people’s concern. She attended the Vancouver Film School, where she was forced to face her bullshit, challenged to let go of control and ultimately found authenticity and freedom in the work. Note: That is a never-ending journey.

3 Career now it gets riveting
Post film school, Emilie managed to secure a top-agent and was sent out on her first real-life audition to book at real-life job. And she did. This out-of-the-gates hot streak continued that same year when she booked leading roles in two tv-shows: jPod, and the world-wide sci-fi success, Sanctuary. jPod garnered her ‘Best Female Lead in a Dramatic Series’ at the Leo Awards, which celebrate excellence in film and television.
Things came to a screeching halt when Emilie was faced with a medical challenge in 2009 in the form of a tumor on her sacrum that was wrapping itself around her spine. After successful surgery (and some serious downtime), Emilie came out healthy, grateful and with a stronger appreciation for the work. “I wouldn’t take it back, though I certainly wouldn’t do it again. Bonus is that I have no tailbone to hurt when I fall on my ass”.
Emilie continued her journey and enjoyed versatility in her work bouncing between genres of Drama, Horror, Action and Comedy. She spent three seasons on the hit show Arctic Air as the lovably temperamental Swedish pilot, Astrid. She was continuously nominated for Leo Awards and UBCP Awards over several seasons of the series.
Emilie now has representation in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Copenhagen.